Satisfaction Dissatisfaction

You might think that for a person with so many opinions, I would love rating interactions and customer satisfaction. The truth is that I get stressed out at the prospect most times.

Most rating systems are used to form a single number, a single indicator saying "are we on track, are we doing a good job?" and there's nothing wrong with that, except that my data point will be "is representative X doing a good job?". Most of the time, people aren't rude and they aren't unreasonably applying the script or process in front of them, and there's no reason for me to give them a low rating for that. Almost all the time, I do have significant qualms with the process itself in one way or another, but there's no way for me to express that aside from putting representative X in hot water for "being so bad with customers", or nudging them down some well-meaning but counter-productive ladder of incentives.

For any company that really cares about their customers' actual satisfaction and their process, whatever it is, the question should be split into at least two questions: Was our representative helpful, supportive and informative during the execution of this process? and Are you satisfied with the process?

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