Apple: Phil Schiller advances to Apple Fellow

Apple Fellow positions are very rare and given to people who have made significant contributions. Phil is a "marketing" person by title, but as evidenced by Jeff Williams, current COO, basically having run product ownership of Apple Watch, Apple, as many great creative companies, attracts "T-shaped" and multiply-talented people, and in many ways allow them to exercise many of these talents and influence decisions without regard to job title.

Phil notably personally advocated to put a rotary/circular scroll wheel in the iPod, a decision that made it easier to scroll indefinitely through the long lists produced by putting 1000 songs in a device with a small screen, and which differed from the jog wheels and static buttons used at the time. I'm sure there are many other marks that those in the room will recognize and hopefully one day tell the tale of.

Congratulations to Phil — you've earned it.

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