Three quick things:

  1. Why, when installing a Steam game on macOS, do I get the option to "Add to start menu"? In macOS it's not available. (And in Windows, it's called the Start menu.)
  2. Why, when the Steam app has found an update and properly badges and bounces the Dock tile, does clicking the tile or switching to it by any other means hide the update window? My guess is that the switch-to-the-app trigger invokes "show the main window at all costs". The window also is not available in the Window menu for switching to, or seemingly visible in any other way (Witch doesn't seem to find it).
  3. Why the hell is Portal 2 (and the other handful of first-party Valve games) still not cross-compiled for 64-bit macOS, so that it is still playable now, and would be playable (at least for a few years) on future Apple Silicon Macs? This is not rocket science, and Valve wouldn't even have to do the technical work themselves.

The first two should have been found within the first week of actual use. All of them should have been taken seriously and fixed as soon as possible.

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