CNBC reporting on TSMC's new US factory

With software taking over so much of the world, hardware and particularly advanced chip manufacturing needs to become much more of an industry-wide discipline instead of the secret sauce of a handful of foundries. TSMC is doing a great job but the sparsity of serious competitors puts them under incredible pressure. (If you think the situation is dire now, when the Playdate's CPU was booked for two years solid and they had to switch for the new orders, imagine if TSMC messed up.)

I've had nightmares thinking of ways that China's increasing influence and hardline rhetoric would come back to bite both factories in China and factories in Taiwan, which would affect many companies the world over and many kinds of products. The clip argues that China knows that touching TSMC is bound to mess them up just as much, which is sobering, but also makes you wonder about the reaction to new factories in other locations.

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