Things hideously wrong with Apple Music


  • Searching for a song by name because you're looking for one version of it and then playing one by an artist that you've never heard of does not imply that I now forever want to know about everything that artist does, or am interested in their genre.
  • In general, playing a single track, or a handful of tracks once, by an artist does not imply that I like this artist or want to hear more like it. Chances are I just want to listen to see what it is, or to play it for someone else.
  • Asking for my favorite artists when Apple Music came out and now hide the ability to change this list is a dick move.
  • Not being able to cull the recently played list is a dick move.
  • Not being able to play something less recently played in the recently played list to make it more recently played is a dick move.
  • Filing something that isn't German and something that isn't Pop under "German Pop" is inscrutable and US-centric, and reminds me of when Apple used to print Dutch text on Swedish packaging.
  • Not having a way to shuffle all songs by an artist from Apple Music, just the "top songs" as statically determined by someone else, is bullshit.
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