Monopolist, Wary of Being Recognized As Such, and Convicted of Same, in Transparent Ploy to Confuse, Announces Plans to Collect Half as Much Rent That They Were Never Entitled To, Assuming That You Don't Magically Find Unexpected Success, In Which Case You Know What, We Think We're Gonna Help Ourselves to Some of That Rent Anyway


  • 20% long overdue but underpowered adjustment
  • 30% confusing and capricious rules
  • 30% opportunistic PR
  • 20% Fuck Everyone Big Enough That They'd Be Able To Have An Effect In Public Opinion, You Know Who You Are, Epic Spat That Shit and You Didn't Kiss The Ring, Now Eat Shit You Bunch of Cocksuckers, Except For You League of Legends But We Already Have That Backroom Deal
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