Noah Grey's Gofundme

I am late to this and only found out about this on Slashdot, but days ago, Noah Grey was in deep trouble.

Noah Grey is probably one of the most influential people to personal, automated Internet publishing that most people have never heard of. At the turn of the century he produced a remarkable piece of software called Greymatter, far before it would be described as a "static site generator", "content management system" or "weblog engine", and used it to publish beautiful photography. His sensibilities ran deeply through the software and from what I can tell, through everything he did.

The story of the current circumstances has a happy ending, at least in terms of account balances, but I took the opportunity to contribute anyway because of what people like Noah have meant to me personally and to the Internet that I love. Due to cynicism, commercialism, greed and politics, the Internet may not be what it was any longer, but that's hardly Noah's fault. It was stolen from him and from all of us, so let's steal it back.

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