Andrew Tsai on Windows emulation inside the Metal "Game Porting Toolkit"

I watched Bring your game to Mac and was wondering what powered this.

The toolkit, announced in the WWDC keynote, wasn't available for download then but is now. And yes, it's true, it uses a combination of Wine, several open source projects, Rosetta translation of x86-64 binaries and recompilation of DirectX 12 shaders to Metal (via Vulkan, seemingly). It is also the only Apple-related project I know to require installing Homebrew.

Getting this to the point where it has significant feature coverage to begin with is a technological achievement. Having it be dependable "enough" for game developers to be able to accurately assess the work involved and not give up after a flurry of mistranslations or hokey support is basically a miracle.

Following Cider and Proton, getting games running on non-Windows platforms via Wine-based approaches is nothing new, but I didn't expect to see it used as a native development on-ramp in this way.

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